Customised and results-focussed workshops.

With over 45 years of local and international experience, Budd Consulting understands the challenges SME owners face when it comes to building capability, adapting to market uncertainty and improving how they operate.

Budd Consulting’s business improvement toolbox is filled with practical ways to help realise your full potential and resolve the key challenges keeping you awake at night.

We can co-design a quarter, half or full day customised workshop for your B2C, B2B, NFP or Retail business to ensure you get the results you want. Here’s a sample of some of our recent workshop topics.

Purpose, Vision and Values. Solid foundations for a sustainable future

Positioning your business for increased market share

Developing clearer Processes & Procedures

Increase staff capabilities & competencies

High performing SME business indicators

Design a strategy to future-proof your business

Prepare a results-driven Business Plan

Audit and improve your Marketing results

Keep more of your existing customers

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Asking better questions more often

Create a more relevant and distinctive brand

Acquire profitable customers

Building trust in your leadership team

Benchmark your business

Advanced Lead Generation for B2B